The Company

Altitude Metals Associates LLC is a one-man operation engaged with a select group of suppliers and manufacturers that were actively seeking independent sales representation.  The focus caters to metal and millwork distributors, combined with select OEM accounts, that typically are family owned, have a retail setting, and are interested in supporting companies with an entrepreneurial foundation from a supplier base.

Why Now?

After deep reflection for both professional and personal reasons, David Lowe decided to research launching his owns sales agency evaluating what that may entail in terms of direction, suppliers represented, and the ongoing value Altitude Metals Associates LLC could provide to both the supplier principals and distributors. After weighing the support from his existing employer, Indital USA, and interviewing others key distributors, it was determined there could be some momentum behind the evaluation. Distributors are always looking for new products or a possible upgrade in existing products that honor and work predominantly through distribution. With a great leap of faith and determination, Altitude Metal Associates LLC launched in the fall of 2013.


Besides acting as a facilitator for transactions from the distributor buying community on behalf of the supplier principals,

Altitude Metals Associates LLC provides:

  • Insight into best practices for sales program rollouts, new product introductions, transparency price modeling, streamlined marketing, and retail merchandising.
  • Personnel evaluations for suppliers and distributors.
  • P&L evaluations and suggestions for driving additional profits.
  • Board Advisor – Retainer and Project Based.

Bio – David Lowe

It’s no coincidence that most of my professional experience has been in manufacturing and distribution. Growing up in a family business located in a small town in Indiana that was 3rd generation with its origins dating back to World War II, you become a part of your history and surroundings.  I remember my father telling me over lunch when I was about ready to graduate from college… “You can always sell anything including insurance, technology, or financial services yet there is nothing better than representing something that was made, manufactured, or produced that people need or may want.”  That may have been his pitch to stay in the family business yet my heart was looking west.  After a brief stint in Chicago, working with a steel tubing manufacturer, I set out for Texas on a whim never even setting foot in the Lone Star state prior to that fork in the road that popped up on that winter day in 1995. What I thought was going to be couple years in Dallas ended up lasting 7 years. This was based on new, exciting opportunities presented with a specialty tubing manufacturer in a biz development role, an online sourcing start-up for the metals industry, a family manufacturing business under a restart, and a chance meeting with a family from Italy set-up by a long-standing customer.  Determined to forge a plan that balanced work with lifestyle…as the great Horace Greeley once stated…”Go west young man, go west and grow up with the country”… so Colorado beckoned and I was moving further west in the spring of 2002.

For a majority of the past 17 years I have worked, in between playing and raising an expanding  family, from my outpost on the Front Range of Colorado. I have worked in various capacities in sales and business development leadership helping build a post-startup company in Indital USA to an industry leader.  With continued zeal and a dedication to promoting THE architectural metal components the industry has to offer, I have begun the quest to find the next partner, advocate for those discerning distributors, builders, developers, architects, fabricators, and homeowners that seek in the finest of building products.

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