Our Mission

Taking suppliers and distributors to NEW HEIGHTS in the architectural metal building products space is the cornerstone of Altitude Metals Associates LLC. Rather than being defined by just a statement, it is backed by deep beliefs with a simplified platform. Considering the norm for most sales agencies is recruiting multiple lines of products, working with too many manufacturers, and taking on excessive staff that may or may not carry that principal’s consistent message, Altitude Metals Associates LLC is taking a fresh approach. As a manufacturer or supplier, you may ask where I am in the pecking order for prospective companies, existing customer meetings, conference calls, trade shows, or promotions with other lines represented? Does my agency have the “mile wide and inch deep” platform in terms of too many lines and not enough detail, substance to be a true extension of the manufacturer? Am I the company of choice for the given week, month, and quarter or is the message woven between complimentary products that add to a total value? With Altitude Metals Associates LLC it is that simple approach acting as the ears, eyes, and voice relaying specific programs for a select group that value a more personalized approach to sales representation.

Altitude Metals Associates LLC works with a targeted group of predominantly smaller, family run steel service centers or millwork houses that are constantly aware that a changing marketplace means NOW…..not down the road or next year. That sense of urgency and immediacy is our mutual call to arms. Products represented by Altitude Metals Associates LLC provide that anchor, lock-in effect for all distributors that are looking for an edge against the competition cross selling their core, commodity products. Most cater to both the pro-side fabricators and the DIY, public yielding great margins and repeat customers.

Wearing many hats for both the manufacturer and distributor includes product launch specialist, program launcher, merchandiser, marketing coordinator, operational consultant, customer service coordinator, and ambassador of culture. These roles should be reciprocal when representing both the principal and the customer. Together we are partners in profits!

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